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Half Life 2 Friendly AI

Its pretty bad. Its so bad in fact that they had to make VO tracks that say, “sorry Dr. Freeman” or “excuse me Dr. Freeman” because they are always in your way! They follow you like lost puppies into dead ends like kitchens and bathrooms that are allready too small for you to fit but then have the balls to tell me “Don’t forget to reload Dr. Freeman.” I am god to them and they think I know enough to reload?

They look to you for direction even though you have no idea where you are or where to go. They have been fighting the Citadel for a week! Guide ME! They block doorways so when you need to toss a nade into a room you cant retreat. They stand out in the open and get shot, they get in your way when you are shooting at an enemy.

Just when you think you got rid of them all, more show up. “Dont leave without me Dr Freeman.” You cant even shoot them to get rid of them!

Your friends come at a time when the game should be at its peak, and this frustrating AI gets in the way of all the action and has made the game frustrating and not as much fun for me anymore. Call of Duty’s AI is great, probably the best as far as friendly AI goes. Why can’t a game that has been in development for five years have as good or better?

The Music Download Service I Want

Ever since iTunes there has been number of other music download services that have launched. Besides the file format they use and what software they can be played in, they are all the same and I will not buy music from any of them. What if I decide to buy another MP3 player three years that isn’t an iPod, all that music I purchased from iTunes would be useless. Thats a big problem for me.

The only exception is Bleep because you download MP3s that you can play anywhere and electronic music is more difficult to find in stores.

This is the service I want and I will use iTunes as an example since I own an iPod.

You buy an album like usual for $9.99 but when you purchase you would have the option to add on the actual CD for an additional $5. This way I get my music on demand and get to have it right away. I know I would buy more music this way since its very easy for me to fire up iTunes and buy on an impulse.

Until then I will continue to shop at record stores for my new music and none of these music services will be getting any of my money.

I dont know, it makes sense to me.

Eminem – Mosh

I picked up the new Eminem CD today, its damn good. I have always liked Eminem because of his emotional lyrics…

How could we allow something like this without pumping our fists
Now this is our final hour
Let me be the voice in your strength and your choice
Let me simplify the rhyme just to amplify the noise
Try to amplify the times it, and multiply by six…
Ten million people, Are equal at this high pitch
Maybe we can reach alqueda through my speech
Let the president answer a higher anarchy
Strap him with an Ak-47, let him go, fight his own war
Let him impress daddy that way
No more blood for oil, we got our own battles to fight on our own soil
No more psychological warfare, to trick us to thinking that we ain’t loyal
If we don’t serve our own country, we’re patronizing a hero
Look in his eyes its all lies
The stars and stripes, they’ve been swiped, washed out and wiped
And replaced with his own face, Mosh now or die
If I get sniped tonight you know why,
Cause I told you to fight.

Half Life 2 Impressions

Its as good as they say it is.

One example I have, I was hiding in a house and there were two entrances to it. I heard soldiers coming to both doors, so I quickly ducked down and blocked the one door with my body so they couldnt get through, they thought about it and went around to the other door where I lobbed a nade and killed them. It was really satisfying.

I have to say that the engine is top notch as well. The realistic lighting, physics, water and sound really immerse you in the world and runs great at high resolutions at the same time. There are a lot of repeating textures in some places, but I will take that as a trade off for the layers of world detail that every level has.

I only have a few complaints so far. One is you cant destroy your vehicle and continue with the game. For example a train was approacing while I was in a dune buggy, I jumped out of the vehicle and saved myself and destroyed the buggy. The game ended and said “Mission Failed.” I should be able to continue on foot if I have to.

Another is if you move into a new load point after mood music starts playing, the music stops and doesnt continue after the level is loaded.

Small things.

Interesting Election Statistics

Just read a number of interesting stories about the election and how things look a little odd. Especially interesting are the stats in Florida where counties whos majority was Democrat voted for Bush, but only in those counties who used a certain type of vote method.

“While the heavily scrutinized touch-screen voting machines seemed to produce results in which the registered Democrat/Republican ratios largely matched the Kerry/Bush vote, in Florida’s counties using results from optically scanned paper ballots – fed into a central tabulator PC and thus vulnerable to hacking – the results seem to contain substantial anomalies.”

Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked Surprising Florida Presidential Election Results MSNBC

Doom 3 is complete

I finally finished Doom 3 tonight. The ending was a little dissapointing and the AI and limited character and outside world interaction was weak, however overall I give the game was solid. It did exactly what it set out to do, scare the crap out of me, and for that I enjoyed.

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